~Registered Massage Therapy~

~Bio-Energy Healing~

Mélany has always been passionate and intrigued

by the human body.

She recognized at an early age, the integral

connection between the body/mind/spirit, and it's

amazing ability to heal itself when treated as

whole. Her passion encouraged her to delve deeper

into the study of the human body.

Mélany graduated as an RMT from the 3000 hour

program at the West Coast College Of Massage

Therapy. She furthered her studies in the

mind/body/spirit connection with Bio-Energy

Healing. Bio-Energy is a simple yet powerful healing modality that releases energetic

blocks in the body and restores a healthy balanced flow for optimal health.

Mélany loves witnessing the transformations her clients undergo, walking out lighter and more peaceful then when they arrived.

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